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The Benefits of Attending an Online STEM Camp

Attending a STEM camp can be a great way to introduce your child to some of the highest-rated professions in modern industry. Moreover, they offer a great opportunity for your child to make friends, have fun, and create amazing memories.

If you’re reading this then you’re probably aware of the importance of STEM education. And while STEM camps can be a step in the right direction for your child’s development, they still come with some downsides. They’re primarily organized in the summer or other times of the year when children are on a break from school. This is tricky because during vacations kids usually just want to forget about anything similar to a classroom.

Also, STEM camps can get very pricey since they include costs such as lodging and travel expenses.

Modern technology may hold an answer to overcoming these particular challenges. Recent data shows that home internet service is available to over 80% of households across the U.S. and rising. This means that attending an online STEM camp might be a more suitable option for both you and your child.

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We’ve discovered these essential benefits through the work we’ve been doing with Nobel Explorers STEM Projects. If you want to learn more about our story, click here!

Top Four Reasons to Join an Online STEM Camp

1. Explore STEM from the Comfort of Your Own Home

One of the main reasons you should choose online over offline STEM camps is convenience. For starters, it’s cheaper and more cost-effective, one of the basic benefits of online learning in general. It also makes financial sense considering that you’re not paying for anything that isn’t directly related to learning and development.

Secondly, even though your child is getting out of their comfort zone, meeting new people and developing new skills, their home environment will provide them with additional support and ease them into the whole process. They can organize their workstation in a way that suits them best and

Finally, when a child attends an educational camp, parents are usually very much excluded from the whole experience. You’re frequently far away and your chances for catching up are fairly limited. With online STEM camps, you’re always close at hand and informed.

2. Collaborate in International Teams Led by Experts from All over the World

We’ve often mentioned the numerous benefits of international teams and they are all transferable to child development and learning. Collaborating with their peers from completely different cultural backgrounds is probably the best way of acquiring a global perspective. It’s also a setting for children to learn how to respect diversity and other multicultural values.

In an online setting, you’re not geography is not an obstacle. To that extent, another benefit is that your kids have access to experts located all over the world. When organizing a STEM camp, you’re able to choose from a much larger pool of qualified professionals.

This has been one of the strong points of our experience with Nobel Explorers. It’s not just about the fact that we get to work with top global talents who are great at teaching and have a distinguished understanding of their field. They also have relevant experience in working with international teams they can pass on to our Explorers, because that’s how Nobel operates!

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3. Develop In an Environment That Closely Represents the Jobs of the Future

In the future, companies will surely look to utilize the benefits of having online teams and remote work. Studies show that working remotely, at least part-time, can have significant benefits for both the employee and the company.

Working in an online environment occurs under a specific set of rules, quite different than you might encounter in an office where you’d work right alongside your teammates. The best way to prepare for a job of the future is to learn, practice, and develop in a context that’s similar to what a work environment will look like 20 or 30 years from now.

Project-based STEM learning allows your kids to acquire the essential skills for the future of work. And children are very much aware of this! This testimonial from one of our Explorers puts it best:

“This project brings people together to prepare them for the future. It helps you with social and communication skills, hard skills, and it offers you a view of how professional teams are working in companies or everywhere.” – Olga N.

4. Stay Connected to STEM Throughout the Year

Because online STEM camps are so flexible and easier to organize, they offer a better dynamic. Activities are spread out through longer periods of time, reducing the possibility that kids become saturated and bored. A system of weekly meetups helps kids maintain their motivation because it’s easier for them to build a sense of responsibility towards their group.

Since online STEM camps can be attended throughout the year, kids can stay engaged with the field longer. Subsequently, they get more opportunities to further specify their interests while the chances of them falling out of love with STEM are being reduced significantly.

Choosing the Right Online STEM Camp

Parents are becoming aware of the fact that there’s something wrong with STEM education in schools, which would explain the increase in the numbers of STEM camps in recent years. When trying to decide which way to go, it’s important to check for certain characteristics. Online STEM camps vary amongst themselves and some don’t offer all the benefits we’ve discussed. Not all of them are international and some even resemble a regular online course more than anything.

But the most valuable thing any STEM Camp can offer is project-based learning. This type of learning gives children the opportunity to overcome challenges through teamwork in a setting that prepares them for the future of work. We’ve recognized this at Nobel Explorers and that’s why we created an entire range of challenging STEM projects which are fun, engaging, modern and relevant.

You should always do some research and try to find answers to questions like what is their educational style, are the topics meaningfully related to STEM, and do their activities fit smoothly with your child’s schedule? Once you’ve understood all aspects of the service and they check all of the boxes, consult your child to see what project or camp would be the most fun for them.

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Nobel Explorers is an online STEM camp where kids solve age-appropriate challenges in international teams by making products that have real-life value.

We have an entire range of engaging STEM projects for you to choose from!

Registration is OPEN!

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