What is the outline for the intro course?

Explorers and a parent attend the Orientation and Tech Check before the first class begins. We ask parents to attend at the beginning to ensure your child is set up and ready to go through the tech check. Explorers will independently work through the tech check and parents will be invited back for the last 30 minutes of the meeting for orientation. Parents won’t be required again until the 4th class, the Expo.

Explorers officially meet their Nobel Youth facilitators and the team of Explorers they’ll be working with. They’ll work together to decide on a website they want to build.

Teamwork and coding go hand-in-hand as Explorers work together to start developing their website.

Explorers make progress on their website and discuss next steps and finishing touches.

Explorers will present their project and share more information about the STEM and soft skills they learned.

You’ll receive an email from Nobel Explorers with a certificate of your Explorer’s achievements and information about next steps.

What is the coding (hard skills) component of the Intro to Coding and Web Design course?

Because the Intro class is an entry point into STEM for many, our goal was to create a fun, relaxed, and soft introduction to the world of web development. Explorers get the foundations of web development by creating websites in a visual way using a builder based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even PHP.

The Introduction to Coding and Web Design course is the first step in Nobel Explorers’ Coding and Web Design Learning path, which consists of other projects with hands-on coding (specifically HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Twitter Bootstrap). Our longer-term class called Coding and Web Design offers more in-depth hands-on coding experience.

My Explorer has coding experience. Will the Intro course be a good fit?

For the time being, the Intro to Coding and Web Design is our entry point into Nobel Explorers’ Coding and Web Design Learning path, which consists of other projects that offer hands-on coding challenges using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Twitter Bootstrap. We’re currently working on offering more advanced Explorers an opportunity to skip this first step and join Nobel Explorers at one of the classes further along the learning path that require prior knowledge.

Are there additional learning opportunities after the Intro to Coding and Web Design course?

The Intro class is just a first step in your STEM journey with Nobel Explorers. We offer intro classes on other topics, longer-term full classes that expand on subjects from the intro classes, and opportunities for leadership.

We will be in touch with information about next steps for your Explorer after the Intro class.

Why are soft skills so dominant in the classes?

We develop learners into leaders by equipping youth with the skills that will help them be ready for the future. STEM skills are undoubtedly valuable, which is why many of our classes are dedicated to helping Explorers advance these hard skills. There is a growing amount of research to show that soft skills – like teamwork, communication, collaboration, and problem solving – will be critical for the future. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in combination with STEM will put your youth on a path to success.

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Who can I reach out to with additional feedback?

We appreciate feedback from our community and always look forward to opportunities for growth. You can fill out our survey or email community@nobelcoaching.com