How was my Explorer chosen for this class?

Your Explorer previously achieved Explorer ranks I and II by showing an ability to collaborate with his/her global team, by demonstrating the basics of communication, and the foundations of problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, and decision making.

Based on his or her standout participation, we’ve invited your Explorer to move on to achieve the rank of Explorer III in our Leadership Class and to continue to develop important skills for the future.

How does the leadership class work?

Within the first few meetings, Explorers get a chance to work in small groups, share ideas, challenge each other, and explore many interesting and important topics such as leadership, facilitation, problem-solving, empathy, project-based learning, and the Agile way of working, all whilst engaging in peer-to-peer learning and taking full advantage of collaborating with talented and creative youth from around the world.

Explorers get leading roles in parts of the training, practicing their leadership skills, learning and improving based on their peer’s feedback. They get to lead parts of the classes and learn from peer mentors as they take on real-life group facilitation with them.

What is the time commitment?

In general, the leadership classes are held over 3 weeks and require a minimum of 3 hours/week, in addition to the weekly class time. Because we believe in continuous growth at your own pace, the learning journey will vary for each Explorer. The schedule can be quite friendly to other commitments but this is a serious step and a huge opportunity for growth.

Some Explorers will continue their leadership development by teaching multiple intro classes to future Explorers. Many of our existing youth facilitators enjoy the experience so much that they go on to teach more than originally discussed.

What is the outline of the class?

There are three important components of this leadership class:

1. Project-based learning

Explorers will be given industry-leading professional websites with a shared goal of recreating the same layout using their web development skills. Explorers demonstrate their knowhow from the Intro class and step outside of their comfort zone to try new things, problem solve, and brainstorm creative solutions and workarounds that will advance their web development skills. They’ll learn how to work the source code of web sites and utilize basic CSS and HTML.

2. Soft skills development 

Explorers continue to work in a team environment to build skills that will equip them for the future. Leadership, problem solving, cross-cultural communication, empathy, and creativity are seamlessly integrated into the class allowing for accelerated growth and development of these critical skills.

3. Leadership and peer-to-peer learning

A key benefit of Nobel Explorers is the exposure to and collaboration with talented and creative youth from around the world. In the leadership class specifically, Explorers get leading roles in parts of the training, they practice their leadership skills, and learn and improve based on their peers’ feedback. Explorers lead parts of the classes and learn from peer mentors as they take on real-life group facilitation with them.

They’ll also work in small groups, share ideas, challenge each other, and explore many interesting and important topics such as leadership, facilitation, problem-solving, empathy, project-based learning, and the Agile way of working.

What are the key benefits for my Explorer?

As Nobel Explorers is a global community developing learners into leaders, the Nobel Explorers’ leadership class is unlike any other. Our unique approach allows Explorers to take a very active part in their learning process, giving them the opportunity to consume interesting and intellectually challenging materials on their own time and building a strong sense of agency and responsibility. Explorers continue to advance leadership skills while collaborating on a global team to solve challenging problems.

*Unlimited FREE classes

Nobel Explorers offers other learning paths devoted to programming and additional hard skills. As long as your Explorer is a part of our leadership training he or she will be able to participate in any of our intro classes (like AI Chatbot and Machine Learning) FOR FREE.

*STEM skills for the future

Explorers will advance their web development skills working on a variety of hard skills challenges that will build on the skills they’ve acquired from the intro class. They will also be able to advance their understanding of important hard skills by teaching the fundamentals to others. As mentioned, Explorers also have the opportunity to join other learning paths in the other intro classes.

*Peer-to-peer learning and practice

All our Explorers attempting the rank of Explorer III are talented youth on the path to becoming great team players and leaders. The next step in their development is to familiarize Explorers with leadership behaviors, and to surround them with other talented youth they can learn from and practice Nobel leadership.

*Leadership and facilitation skills

Your youth will learn Nobel leadership skills, important components of leadership that have been carefully crafted based on educational research, competencies required by leading companies, and decades of experience in education and technology.

A sample of these leadership competencies include:

  • Modeling the way
  • Inspiring others and aligning a team towards a shared vision
  • Understanding our own strengths and opportunities
  • Facilitating creativity and innovative thinking
  • Getting to the “WHY” –  uncovering the core of any challenge
  • Activating others skills and talents
  • Encouraging extreme ownership and accountability
  • Challenging the process
  • Creating an environment of trust and support
  • Growing through feedback
  • Cultivating empathy and understanding of others

*Improve their future opportunities

Your Explorer will develop key hard and soft skills that will serve them in school, college, in their career, and in life. Not only will Explorers build another website for their portfolio, participation as an Explorer in Nobel’s global learning community sets your Explorer apart from the pack. Nobel Explorers is just the type of scholarship and college application material that Admissions departments and companies are seeking.

*Enhance empathy and understanding on a global level

Cultural awareness, understanding and empathy are more than buzz words. They are the foundation on which the teams of the future will be built. Explorers in our leadership class continue to build international friendships and connections and learn to work with teammates from different countries and backgrounds towards a common goal. The rareness and the value of this type of teamwork at this age cannot be overstated.

*Earn required service or volunteer (SSL) hours

Your Explorer can earn service hours while teaching others in the Intro classes. They will gain valuable experience as a student facilitator while earning volunteer hours that many schools require for graduation.

*Make a positive contribution to the greater good

Nobel Explorers bring STEM education to youth around the world by cultivating global cultural awareness, connection, and empathy to improve outcomes for all.

What are the next steps after the Leadership/Explorer III class?

As stated, some of the Explorers with Explorer III ranks may advance to the next phase of leadership training and earn the rank of Facilitator I by leading other Explorers through the Intro to Coding and Web Design class. Previous youth facilitators have also stepped up to serve as mentors for future youth facilitators, an additional development opportunity with positive benefits for the future.

And don’t forget, Explorers in our Leadership class will always have the chance to explore any of the other intro classes on other learning paths for free.

Now is not the right time for us. Can we postpone my Explorer’s enrollment in this program for a future date?

We understand that it’s a particularly busy time for everyone. If you wish to defer your Explorer’s enrollment that is certainly your prerogative. Please email jovanar@nobelcoaching.com and she will add you to a list of future participants. Please keep in mind, however, that as the program is exclusive and carefully planned and executed, we cannot guarantee a spot for your Explorer in the future.