Keeping Kids Educated & Families Connected – the Nobel Way

Parents have it hard during these uncertain times, and so do kids.

With schools shut down and everything changing, we want to make sure to keep kids connected, educated, and engaged. Our goal is also to make this period less stressful for parents by providing them, too, with a chance to aid their kids’ education and be a part of a community in the process.

That’s why we’ve decided to start offering our online, international STEM classes for free until further notice. We’re thankful to our community and the trust it’s placed in us, and we believe it’s time to give back.

Learning & Connecting: What We’re Providing to Kids & Parents

Isolation doesn’t have to mean loneliness! During this time when the responsible thing to do is stay home, we’re dedicated to helping families keep their children educated, engaged, and socialized, while helping both kids and parents stay connected to the community. And what better way to combat this isolation but by being a part of a larger group dedicated to the same goal – providing our kids the means to succeed in the future.

Keeping Kids Educated & Socialized

We’re huge advocates of peer learning. Thanks to the fact that we’ve been holding global online camps ahead of the curve, we’re already experienced in bringing kids together and helping them develop soft skills that will help them land and keep their future job.

Yes, this is a STEM camp, but with a twist. Throughout the entire program, peers are learning the essential workplace skills together, such as giving feedback, active listening, brainstorming, and so many more (check out our badges to get more familiar with the skills we help them learn).

And though they have experienced facilitators guiding them, they’ll mostly be learning from their peers who have already finished the program. They now get to give back to their community, earn service hours, and develop their leadership skills along the way with support from our amazing instructors. We’re all about helping kids develop their interests and prepare for their future!

Finally, given that families in the program come from different countries and backgrounds, getting to know about other cultures is another huge benefit kids will experience.

We are currently offering out Coding & Web Design class for free, but many more are in the works, such as AI Chatbot, Machine Learning, Startup Like Silicon Valley and Negotiation (check out the full list of projects here).

Inviting Parents to become Part of the Nobel Explorers’ Community

We want to keep parents updated on what their children are learning and how they’re progressing. First thing you should know is – we don’t believe in grades. Instead, we’re strong believers in project-based learning, where the end result isn’t an A or a C, but kids’ ability to apply the skills they’ve learned.

To include parents in a productive way that allows them to follow their kids’ progress, understand what they’re learning, and help them practice their new-found skills, we’ve prepared certain guides you’ll receive once you sign up.

It’s very important to us that we help parents stay connected to our community as well during these hard times. To make that possible, we’ve created a Facebook group where all parents can interact among themselves and with the Nobel team, and where all of us together post interesting content regarding our kids’ education and future, as well as other important topics.

Can Anyone Sign Up?

While capacity is filling up fast, like any good community, we always have room for one more to join in. We welcome all kids who want to learn about STEM and teamwork from their peers all around the globe! We won’t turn anyone away, but we do need to make choices on who gets to go first as teams shouldn’t go past a certain size – otherwise it’s hard to stay productive. That means you should sign up ASAP by clicking on this image:

Or using the QR code below:

We firmly believe that to become leaders, kids need to learn teamwork skills first. And after the program, once they’ve acquired all the necessary skills, there may be more room for growth and further leadership opportunities.

This is a truly unique learning experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The lessons they get in teamwork, leadership, initiative, adaptability, community service and so much more will give them the skills and confidence they need to continue their journey towards college and, later on, work.

From writing college essays and scholarship applications to adapting to any workplace they become a part of, they’ll be future-ready amazing young people. And it all starts here.

We will be in these strange, uncertain times for a while, so let’s make the most of it. We’re proud to be able to help out the community, and we’re blessed we have the opportunity to be there when times are hardest. Our Nobel team is looking forward to meeting you and helping your kids succeed!

You can learn more about what we offer here:

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