women in stem inspirational

Women in STEM: Five Inspirational Stories

Have you ever been negatively stereotyped for being a young woman in STEM? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. The old stereotype of girls being bad at STEM is as alive as ever. A great way to put an end to this is to provide young women with role models who can motivate them to […]

boy looking at a screen

Screen Time for Kids – What Parents Fear

Today, if you ask any parent whether screen time is good for their kids, they’ll probably say it’s not. If you ask them if they nevertheless allow their kids to interact with screens, many of them will tell you they do. Although parents are aware that screen time can have a negative effect on their […]

Top Entrepreneurial Skills We Should be Teaching Our Children

Entrepreneurial Skills That Will Secure Your Child’s Future

Having a need to ensure your child’s future is one of the most fundamental characteristics of a parent. We all want to raise them to become independent people, capable of providing for themselves. But the demands of the business world have changed drastically in the last 20 to 30 years and will continue to change […]

What’s Wrong With STEM Education In Schools: 4 Ways to Fix It

STEM is all the hype right now: parents want their kids to get into STEM education, kids want to get into STEM education – heck, we wouldn’t be surprised if even their dogs secretly wanted them to get into STEM education! You might consider that last one a bit  ‘barking mad’ but you get the […]

Best Summer STEM Activities, Challenges and Games for Kids - 2019

Best Summer STEM Activities for Kids

When we’re discussing the education of our children, it’s easy for us to just focus on the schooling aspect. We often obsess about getting them into top-level schools and providing them with the very best of conditions for learning. That being said, school is just one side of the coin when we’re talking about education. […]